Comprehensive Care

Whether you want to climb mountains or chase your grandkids, we will create a prosthesis that will meet your needs. Each patient has different goals and we at Memphis Prosthetic Clinic take special care to meet those goals. Your remaining limb is unique and requires special care in creating a comfortable socket that will allow you to get back to your life. The socket is the most integral part of the prosthesis we spend as much time as needing making it right so that it fits. Careful selection of the foot, knee and suspension type are also important but not a crucial to the overall success of your prosthesis as the socket.


As part of the team with the doctors at the Vascular and Vein Institute of the South, we have the opportunity to be there before and after your operation. This allows us to make sure you are receiving the absolute best care. Before the amputation surgery, we will evaluate your functional level and post-surgical expectations. We work together with your surgeon to determine if specific surgery techniques can be utilized to enhance your outcome. Always considering your vascular health, your surgeon will determine the amputation technique most appropriate for you such as advanced surgical procedures like the Ertl reconstruction surgery.

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